Welcome to Gurkhas Brother!

We are the first fine dine Gurkhas Nepalese restaurant in Medway and we are so excited to serve you, our authentic Nepalese and Indian cuisine. Our aim is to give our customers the 5 star standard service.

'Gurkhas Brother(GB)' offers fine, upmarket Nepalese and Indian Cuisine set in comfortable, fresh and modern interior with soft lighting and warm ambiance. Diners can enjoy a variety of dishes from an extensive mouth watering menu (including huge selections of fresh fish). Food is cooked fresh on the premises using the finest, fresh ingredients and spices offering diners a balanced, flavoursome, and delicious taste to remember.

Nepalese & Indian Cuisine

If you are a connoisseur of Indian & Nepalese Cuisine, then the best restaurant is the Gurkhas Brother(GB). Not only do we use the finest ingredients to make our dishes, we also use traditional Indian & Nepalese recipes, herbs, spices and condiments to create that authentic taste.

Special care is also taken in which we cook our food. Traditional Indian utensils like handi and kadai are used, and methods such as tandoor cooking are employed. These are an important part of authentic cooking and can make a world of difference when it comes to flavours and taste.

Parties & Events Venue

When your celebrations are bigger, we get better. If you are looking to organize an event or are seeking birthday party venues, conference venues or engagement party venues, we can help you there too. Our large hall allows for accommodating great number of guests. Depending upon the type of event that you plan to conduct, we can also assist you with additional equipment such as a mike system, a high-end sound system, projector, party decorations and other details.